Tree Connection

A major tenet in shamanism is that everything is energy; everything lives; everything teaches. 

Trees have long been a powerful symbol on this planet, and lore, stories, myths and legends about trees can be found across time in every culture.

Trees are incredible teachers. They ground their roots into Mother Earth, have their trunks in the Middle World, and reach their branches into Father Sky, bridging heaven and earth. Through this, they mirror our human experience, helping us understand the the different levels of consciousness.

Through the cycle of the seasons, they teach how to bud, grow, bloom, anchor, release and bloom again, a pattern for change in our own lives.

Trees transform carbon dioxide into oxygen, making life breath possible for all inhabitants of this earth. We learn from this how to transform our own toxic thoughts into beautiful words that enhance all of life.

Through trees we learn how to be--vibrantly!


Find a tree that calls to you. As you approach the tree, remember that it is a living, breathing energy. Ask if you may sit with it. You may hear a rustling of the leaves or hear a voice in your head or feel a slight wind brush across you granting permission. Many cultures believe that the shadow of the tree is a portal or entry point into the tree's realm. Let your intuition guide you in this matter.

Sit with some part of your body touching the tree's skin, the bark, with your own. Feel your heartbeat as it blends with that of the tree. You may feel the rushing of the sap through the veins of the tree. Match it with the blood flowing in your own veins. 

Allow your roots to ground into the earth with the tree's roots. Reach your arms into the sky as the tree's branches are reaching. Breathe this experience.

You may wish to just relish this connection or you may have a question or some guidance you are seeking. Allow the tree to respond to you in its own way, staying open to the limitless possibilities of this connection.

You may also wish to commune with the tree's spirit or the faeries that live in or around this precious being. Also be mindful of the animals and birds that interact with this tree while you are there. Perhaps they have a message for you as well.

When you feel complete, thank the tree for sharing its wisdom and ask if you may hug it. There is nothing quite like tree hugging!