​Shamanic Sessions

Harmony is our natural state, and when we are not in balance, our emotional, mental, and physical bodies respond in order to show us we need help. There are many different modalities available for helping us get back on track. When shamanic work is done, it makes changes at the spiritual level which  then filters down through the mental, emotional, and physical bodies to be reflected as our natural, healthy, and balanced perfection. Light literally shines in our eyes.

In a shamanic healing session, Katherine goes into journey space and makes contact with the client's higher self and helping spirits. The client's intention for healing is stated, and Katherine becomes the "hollow bone" through which the healing spirits work to restore the client's natural state of being.

Everything is energy. Energy is neither bad nor good; it just is. As energetic beings living in a world of energy, sometimes we lose our energy or pick up energy that isn't ours. A session might include the return of lost power in the form of a power animal or spirit guide or through the return of soul essence that has been lost through some type of trauma. (To read more about soul retrieval, go to www.SandraIngerman.com. Click on "Sandy's articles." Click on "Soul Retrieval.) Energy restoration could also happen through healing with spiritual light.

A healing session also could involve the removal of energy that no longer serves or that doesn't belong. This could include extraction of these misplaced energies, returning them to nature, the cutting of cords, the removal of vows, and the removal of blocks. It could involve unraveling of curse energies or the removal of a suffering being through a compassionate depossession. (To read more about compassionate depossession, go to www.BetsyBergstrom.com and click on "Classes." Then click on "Foreshadowed: An Interview About Possession.")

As stated earlier, the entire healing is guided by the client's higher self, and the client is told everything that happens in the healing, either during the healing or right afterwards. The client is then given "homework" for integrating the healing and living life in a new way. Katherine's portion of the work is 10%; the client's responsibility for moving forward in a new way is 90%.

These healing sessions are over the phone. A session can run anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour and a half and the cost is $150 (cash, check, money order). New clients must pay ahead of the session. When you book your appointment, you will be given the mailing address. 

To schedule a session, call Katherine at (303) 452-7265 or email her at VibrantTreeMinistry@comcast.net.