Additional Services

Home/Land/Business Clearings and Blessings: Since everything is energy, misplaced energy and energy imprints can occur in our homes, on our land, or in our businesses. Katherine can work on location or from a distance to clear unwanted energies through extraction or compassionate depossession and can bring back the original blueprints through soul and power retrievals to make things clean, clear and vibrant in a new way. Clearing is especially helpful when selling a home or business or after purchasing a new one. $150 plus mileage. Can be done from a distance.

Animal Communication: Do you wish you could know exactly what your pet has to tell you? Through shamanic journey, Katherine can become your liaison for conversations with your animals. Allow one hour initially with follow-up as long as necessary. $150.

Sacred Rituals: In addition to her shamanic training, Katherine is ordained as a Ministerial Lightworker through the Church of Self-Health and Awareness, and she served almost a decade as a Practitioner of Religious Science. She is experienced in facilitating many different types of sacred rituals to make those special moments we experience on our path including: weddings, funerals, memorial services, tributes, last rites, divorce or ending relationships, birth, blessings (business, children, new jobs, etc.), coming of age and other passages, driver's license, graduation,new pet, preparation for moving, birthdays, retirement, and job transitions. Contact Katherine to co-plan your life passage or ritual. Fees vary. Most can be done as distance ritual.

Hospital Preparation: Prior to surgery or giving birth, you may wish to have Katherine journey ahead for you to clear the energies of your operating and recovery rooms as well as your hospital room. She can also return the essence of a body part after surgery (even if it was removed) and help you bring back balance, wholeness, and health. Talk to Katherine if you are the recipient of a transplanted organ as well. Fees vary. Can be done as distance healing.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: PTSD can occur for many reasons. If you have experienced trauma of any sort, a shamanic session may be helpful.